Luxury Food Quality, made easy as a Toast

Insalata Toasteria Italiana  Toasteria Italiana Pinzimonio

Italian tradition, high quality food and the best business opportunity for those who decide to invest on a new store: this is Toasteria Italiana. An italian style Organic Fast Food, with more than 20 Toast recipes on the menu, which will bring the fast food experience to the level of a masterpiece. Another special on the menu are a wide selection of Smoothies and Juices, freshly prepared. Natural by birth and BIO by vocation: we got married with the world’s leading organic drinks company Galvanina Group renouncing on any other label of soft drinks available in retail. What else? We serve the best Organic Coffee Blend (Toasteria Italiana Special Arabica), a complete and special breakfast with the finest pastries, Agricola Montespada labels of wine, Flensburger craft beer and so much more. The full menu is also available to the customer as a Take Away option… Within our name there is also the root of “Osteria“, a meeting place where you find authentic food at affordable prices. The bistro vibe you can fine in every Toasteria Italiana, makes it the perfect place to share moments of fine eating, any time of the day. A solid, recognizable brand, who speaks for itself. Each new store enjoys the full support of a Pro Team, who designed and successfully tested every aspect of the business.



The design of Toasteria Italiana is signed by Marco Lucchi, international renown architect, who signed only venues with the best appeal..

Italian Design.

Elegant, cozy, original and functional. Inspired from our country’s renaissance excellence.

Adaptable Menu.

An original and balanced proposal inspired from our regional excellences and our Mediterranean flavors.


We only offer BIO-Products, from the current season and verified origin.

Certified Quality of the products.

Accurate research for all the raw materials and for every single preparation, strictly made at the moment.